Director + Producer
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Temptation Island: Puppy Edition

“Never work with animals or children.”
-W.C. Fields

Role: Writer, Director

I got to reconnect with my two favorite people, Tammy Hahn from Tamarama Studios, and Phil Bradshaw from FreshFly to do the production design and cinematography. Plus I was introduced to some new gems—dog wrangler Kelly Peterson, costume designer Carrie Collins, and Editor Amy DiLorenzo. With help from Federal Grip, and the lovely folks at NBC Universal, were able to stir up something strange and wonderful. Details about the production below. 

The W.C. Fields quote you read above is burned into every filmmakers brain—stay away from these areas. Despite all of this, when my friend James at All Ages Productions approached me about doing a send-up of a new USA Network show using only puppies, I couldn't jump at the opportunity fast enough. Why? Well, James and Shannon at All Ages are the best producers I know, they pulled together an all-star cast to make this a reality, and best of all—they wanted me to write the spot.


Production Team

Executive Producer — James Doolittle
Director — Peter English
Producer — Shannon Sun-Higginson
Director of Photography — Phil Bradshaw
Production Designer — Tamara Hahn
Dog Wrangler — Kelly Peterson
Costume Designer — Carrie Collins
Production Manager — Jen McCann
Editor — Amy DiLorenzo
Motion Graphics — Harvey Benschoter, Jason Hsu, Tamara Hahn
Chloe — Stacia Newcomb
Bark L Walberg — Mark Walberg
Audio Mix — Timothy Day
Prop Assistant — Emily Kane
Wardrobe Assist — Tran Nguyen
G & E — Mike Bland, Matt Hamm, Kevin McGlinchy
Shot at Rittenhouse Film Works


Bonus Material

We had so much to work with that we made an alternate cut of the singles intros.


We did the same for some fun ‘trading card’ style intros.