Director / Composer
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Short Doc - Peter Matthew Bauer

[This piece is taken from the documentary series that follows independent musicians in the recording studio called Shaking Through, that I directed from 2010 to 2014]

Role: Producer, Director

This video is about second acts. Well, actually, it's about the moment right before you throw yourself into them and all the uncertainty that comes with it.

Peter Matthew Bauer is best known as the keyboardist in the Walkmen, a well-known and respected indie rock band. The band had just gone on indefinite hiatus when we got in touch and Pete was preparing to release a solo record.

It was a joy to talk with someone so experienced and to hear his perspectives about leaving behind a successful band. Balancing business and creative fulfillment is challenging, and you can sense that Pete knows the risk he is taking.

Knowing this, my goal was to try and dramatize the particular moment he was in as an artist. To make sure you connect with him, and end up rooting for him and he takes this risk. I shot an intro at Union Transfer in Philadelphia that dramatizes his transition from successful band member to solo act. 

There are very few successful second acts in music these days, and Pete's hopes for the future will reveal themselves to be either prescient or off-base. This is the snapshot of when clarity is impossible, and your only compass is faith and determination.

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