Director / Composer
Hop Along Sq.jpg

Short Doc - Hop Along

[This piece is taken from the documentary series that follows independent musicians in the recording studio called Shaking Through, that I directed from 2010 to 2014]

Role: Producer, Director, Cinematographer.

Frances is a phenomenal talent. Creative, thoughtful, beautiful--her voice and perspective are one of a kind. It'd be hard NOT to make something great featuring her. 

My goal was to gain insight into her process, especially what I sensed was her intense drive. During a wonderful hour long interview, she revealed how she thinks about songwriting, and why she pushes herself to "get it right". 

One of my favorite things about the series is that the artists don't just tell us about their process, we get to SHOW it. Being able to pair revealing studio footage with an insightful interview is a joy. You should be able to feel the fun I had making this.